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Golden Honey Bee Sdn Bhd was established in the year of 2006 with a mission to “Ensure delivery of quality products timely and efficiently”.
We are principally involved in bee products since year 2000 as our first inventment in beekeeping is in North Malaysia and Chiangmai, Thailand. Our specialized Honey are: Rainforest Honey & Wildflower Honey - named it as different due to harvest in different location and different nectar.
Year 2006, our business expand to healthy food packaging business, utilizing the state-of-the art technologies, supplying instant beverage ingredients to industries.
The management of our company has been in the food processing business for the past 10 years and our experience include contract manufacturing, packing and supplying food ingredients to some of the largest names in the food industries.
Product quality always our company priority. Our company implements a series of stringent quality checks during the production process, incoming raw materials and finished products to ensure the quality of products, net weight of products and the packaging of our products meets the specification of our clients. All our products are serial-numbered to ensure traceability. All our products are with Halal Certified and currently moving forward to Organic, Kosher and HACCP certification.
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